Who We Are

Alton Jones, Real Estate Investor

Alton Jones, CEO, West Coast Home Buyers, LLC

The WCHB Mission is to create an easy and stress-free home selling experience by providing excellent customer service with high ethical standards, offering all the possible options available to meet your needs.

Our services include:
Expertise & Consulting in Distressed Properties
Acquisition of High Value Properties
Construction & Renovation
Mentor Education & Workshops
Real Estate Seller/Buyer Information & Tips

Alton Jones, born and raised in Southern California, is a successful Real Estate Investor who’s main focus is to help others become successful entrepreneurs.  As a 16 years old, Alton knew that he wanted become a Police Officer.  Throughout his High School years, he served as a cadet and immediately upon graduation he became Reserve Police Officer. Alton proudly served 27 years in Los Angeles law enforcement, winning several awards for his hard work and dedication.

In 2004 Alton discovered the opportunities available to anyone willing to work hard in the Real Estate industry. He immediately decided to get both his real estate and his life insurance license, whereupon he joined the staff of Primerica.  Alton was quickly promoted to Regional Vice President.

A few years later he began investing in real estate  himself and learned the ins and outs that lead to his current success. He has seen the stress that many families face these past years with “upside down” properties that are a huge burden. He learned how to buy these distressed properties in a way that not only helps families in need and still make  a profit for his investors as well as contribute to the recovery of the housing market throughout Southern California.

Alton has worked in the real estate industry for over 15 years buying and selling hundreds of properties. He has been an active member of the Real Estate Investment Club of Los Angeles, the Real Estate Mastermind Group and So Cal Fortune Builders. He is currently mentoring others on how to get into and be successful in real estate.

His company, West Coast Home Buyers, LLC,  buys and sells homes throughout LA County, San Bernadino County and Orange County. WCHB currently has homes being bought, sold or renovated in Long Beach, Los Angeles, Altedena,  La Mirada, Victorville and Lancaster. Alton supervises all purchases and sales on a daily basis from his office based in Long Beach, California.

WCHB has a simple home buying system that does not require sellers to do any of the work.  As a professional home buyer with many years of experience in the home investing marketplace, Alton and his staff can help show you the best course of action for your situation.  Contact him today for more information.