553 West 111th Street, Los Angeles Ca

     Completed Rehab Project in Los Angeles area. Another example of what West Coast Home Buyers, LLC can turn out.

Sell Fast – Staging Your Home

Home Staging – Why It Is Important Staging makes you de-clutter every room. Clearing our personal stuff, closets and cabinets comes first. It helps with your move since you have to pack everything up anyway. This acutally gives you a head start on the moving process. Staging from a buyers point of view. This makes you look at it […]

556 Royce Street, Altadena – Finished Renovation!

This is a pictorial of our newly finished renovation at 566 Royce Street, Altadena, CA.  Be sure to check out how the progress went on this property by reading our other articles!

1753 West 41st Street – Finished Renovation!

This is a tour of our finished renovation on a property in Los Angeles, CA. This 5 bedroom 2 bathroom house has had the exterior completely painted and the front door and entry replaced. Featuring walk-in closets, a completely renovated granite counter top kitchen with new appliances and remodeled bathrooms.

1753 West 41st Street – Current Progress

This is a complete remodel of a 5 bedroom 2 bathroom house.

556 Royce Street, Altadena – Under Construction

This is a walk through tour of a property renovation in progress by the West Coast Home Buyers, LLC.

Stop Foreclosure & Protect Your Credit

How to Stop Foreclosure Contact the Lender In order to avoid foreclosure, the first step is always to contact the lender and let them know your situation. In many cases, they can work with you to temporarily modify payment terms until your situation is resolved. Do not ever ignore late notices or calls from your lender. They […]

Selling a Home Fast: FAQs

Some Frequently Asked Questions Q: Does the buyer pay fair market value? Do you use an appraisal? How is the selling price determined? A: Just as every homeowner’s situation is unique, so is the process in which our home buyers and agents determine what an appropriate offer for a home might be. Things they take […]

Selling is Easier Than You Think

Selling a House is Easier Than Most People Think The thought of selling a house strikes fear into most people. The contracts, the legalese, the exorbitant costs — they all conspire to make the experience unpleasant at best, and a nightmare at worst. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many reasons […]

Need a Good Real Estate Mentor?

Over the long term, it has always been good to invest in real estate. West Coast Home Buyers, LLC is more than a home buyer, we are a Real Estate Investment Firm, first and formost. Through smart and efficient strategies, we have grown our expertise into a Mentor Program that provides an excellent way to […]