Finding The Right Home

Some questions to consider when looking for your first home: Is there enough room now and if your family expands in the future? Do you and your spouse like the floor plan? Is there adequate storage space? Will the appliances need to be updated? Is the yard too big or too small? Are there enough […]

A Neighborhood Checklist

Select a Neighborhood That Will Increase  the Value of Your Home When you visit the street where you are looks to buy a new home: Walk around and check out the neighborhood in person. Talk to people who live there. Drive around at different times of the day and on different weekdays as well as the […]

The Cost of Ownership

Consider Home Upkeep Costs Whether buying a new or older home, it is important to figure out what your ongoing maintenance costs might be. Maintenance of a home will usually range between 2% and 4% of your home’s original price. This may not apply to homes worth over a million dollars, however, this is the approximate average for many home buyers. Be sure to […]